I want my work to make you stand out from the crowd.
I love the process of understanding what you want to say, and then saying it bold, loud and clear.   
I want to pass certain feelings to the viewer, making exactly the impression you want to associate with your brand or your project.
Some brands I work(ed) with:
I run my own business as a self-employed artist and designer since 2018.
I graduated with distinction as a Master of Arts in Editorship from Jagiellonian University. 
Editorial studies provided me with skills which are quite unique for a graphic designer – as an editor experienced in work with literature and academic papers, I guarantee that words in my projects are being as taken care of as images. It means that I really take care about typos (I do proofreading) and I can provide advice about typography. 
I am also tech-savvy and digitally fluent. I feel comfortable working in English and Polish.
My specialties
My artist bio (EN)
My art book about glitch art (PL/EN)
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